Terms and Conditions of Equipment Rental

Article 1 : The customer is entirely responsible for the ski (or snowboard) equipment once he/she takes possession of it. Regardless of the reason, if equipment that is rented is not returned, the customer will be billed for the entire published price of new equipment in addition to the rental cost.

Article 2 : All equipment presented for rental is recognized to be in good condition and should be returned as such. The equipment is numbered or marked and should be returned with the same numbers and the same mark. In addition to the cost of rental, the cost of replacement or repair will be paid if there is any damage, regardless of the cause, within a maximum limit of the cost of new equipment.

Article 3 : The rented equipment is intended for the sole use of the customer and not for sub-rental., or for lending, even free of cost. The customer is the only judge of his/her capacity to use the rented equipment.

Article 4 : When the rental contract is signed for the ski or snowboard equipment, the customer may pay an additional amount displayed in the shop to cover the risk of damage, loss or theft. This option frees the customer of the obligation to reimburse, subject to the excess which remains his/her responsibility, in case of damage, loss or theft of the equipment; loss or theft requiring proof by an official declaration. This acquired exemption is always accompanied by an excess defined according to the scale displayed in the shop.
Subscription of guaranty against theft and breakage with another company than Skiset will not exempt from this obligation and the customer will have to submit the invoice he/she will have paid to his/her provider.

Article 5 : The rental period starts on the day the customer takes possession of the equipment and lasts until and including the day it is returned. The cost of the entire day will be due at the price and under the conditions publicly displayed for all equipment taken before 3:30 pm or returned after 10 am.

Article 6: identification as well as information mentioned in article 7 might be required before handing over rental equipment to the customer. The equipment cannot be rented if the customer fails to meet these obligations.

Article 7 : In case of non-payment of the cost of equipment rental, repair or reimbursement, on expiration of the contract, through prior transmission of his/her bank card number and expiration date, the customer authorizes and gives the shop express mandate to debit his bank account of the sums that remain due, in conformance with the quotation (rental contract) that he/she signs when the equipment is taken and/or the price and conditions displayed in the shop.

Article 8 : The information required on rental will enable us to know you better. All questions must be answered, unless it is mentioned that the answer is optional. The information concerning you is intended for the ronter. Nonetheless, we might transmit it to third parties (business partners, etc.). It you do not wish for this to he done, please tick oft the box provided for this purpose on the back of the rental contract: You have the right to access, modify, correct or delete data concerning you (art. 34 of the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978). To exercise this right, please contact the renter.

Article 9 : Payment of rentals must be made in full by the scheduled due date. Late penalties of one and a half times the legal rate of interest will be applied for late payment.

Article 10 : In case of any dispute whatsoever concerning this contract the competent court will be the one located where the rented equipment is made available.